Thursday, May 20, 2010

slowly back to sewing

now i'm back to sewing.. but slowly. tak dapat buat macam dulu. though i do not have to go to the restaurant often but still a lot of time spent doing chores and things.. FYI.. we only have one car, so i need to send hubby to the restaurant, then later have to pick him up.. have to send kids to kelas mengaji (dulu hubby je yg buat keje hantar menghantar ni).. jadinya keluar masuk keluar masuk rumah.. masa habis mcm tu je. i used to do my sewing until about 3 am but now tak larat dah.. need to have a good rest. I really apologize for not being able to take more orders at the moment.. nak siapkan yang ada ni dulu.. (banyak lagi tau). saya betul2 minta maaf.

pada yang dah order dgn saya since last month, and if you wish to make payment, please let me know. nanti saya emailkan account bank details. biasalah ada yang gaji awal bulan, ada yang hujung bulan.. tetiba saya request payment tengah bulan susah pulak kan.

to those who have my mobile number, please just sms me ok. saya memang jarang amik calls sebab you never know saya sedang buat apa kan.. sometimes saya tgh drive.. sometimes sedang susukan yasmin (yup! she's still breastfeeding tho she's 2 yrs and 7 month old).. sometimes tgh tidor.. hehehe! sorry ye kalau saya tak jawab calls.

ok.. gtg. back to sewing.. :-)

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Jess said...

busy is good sign Haida...keep up your good work and take more rest too...hehe...seem like we need more than 24 hr too ya!

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