Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pumpkin Pouch turns to Sling Bag

my son has been asking me to make a bag for his friend. Her birthday is coming.. but mama is still busy sewing uniforms. When the time comes, mama cannot delay anymore so mama decided to make a simple pouch. I make the 'pumpkin pouch' but I also add a strap to the pouch that is detachable.. so it becomes 2 in 1 pouch. Add the strap and it becomes a sling pouch.

here's how it looks without the strap

and when i attached the strap.. it becomes a sling bag

i still have not figure out how to hide the pouch short strap.. :-) so i just push it inside the bag.. so unprofessional.. heheh.

but i like the look anyway.. and i hope the birthday girl will love it too..
"Happy Birthday Wawa"

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