Monday, June 22, 2009


this is my work over the weekend. trying to embelish my girl's white dress.. put some colors to it.. this is new to me and i'm sure it's not new to you.

This dress i bought it cheap. 70% discount at parkson. it's an old stock and the embelishment dah rosak but i bought it coz it's cheap and i know i can make it look better.

and this dress pun bukan i yang jahit. It's plain white. Mr hubby memang suka white so dia yang pilih. so i use ribbon embroidery on it. cantik tak?? idea datang lepas tengok2 crafter2 lain buat embroidery. thank you..(you know who you are).
so that's it. my project during the weekend. this time less disturbance from yasmin coz my sister's 3 kids come over and play with her. thank you K, Qal, and Am.


sweetwannur said...

sgt cantikkk!!!!saye suke! saya suke!...simple but so niceee!!!!

Cik As said...

cantik .. saya pon sedang mencuri masa untuk menjahit dress anak2 ..

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