Monday, August 16, 2010

Little girls handbag

My latest creation... litle girls handbag with ruffles.

My friend ordered 2 bags for her nieces.. she leave it to me 100% to design the bag and choose the fabric. So I come up with this design.

Eimani is 4 and Eiyani is 2 years old. I added ruffles to the flap cover using checked printed cotton. There is one zippered pocket inside and for the closure i use velcro tape.

I manage to get this 2 little girl (not Eimani and Eiyani tho.. )Yasmin and Fatiha to model the bag for photoshoot.. :-). They love the bag and so it was easy to ask them to pose.. :-).. check them out..

and guess what? both of them want the bag, luckily eiyani and eimani's name sewn on the bag so I promised them I'll make another one for them.

until next time.. salam..

p/s will be back very soon with more bags uploaded.. hehe


SCLover said...

saya punya masih tertangguh nak wat cam nih..Azra dah berkali mentioned tuntut janji bila nak wat cam nih..siap mentioned nak galas masa raya

Sherry said...

they are unique :D

Jue said...

assalamualaikum, haida..
boleh ke nak order? teruja... cantik sangat.

Haida Hussin said...

SClover.. buat jgn tak buat..:-) biasalah permintaan anak2. Saya dah siap buatkan untuk my yasmin.. belum upload gambar je.

Sherry.. i love them too. tq

Jue.. wsalam. terima kasih. nak order?.. hmmm... takut tak sempatlah kalau nak pakai untuk raya ni.

samprit said...

haida, kalau nak tempah brp RM? tp bukan nak pakai raya la

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