Friday, August 28, 2009

baby gift set

i made this baby booties for the first time.. never tried one before even for my own kids. tapi now teringin sangat nak buat.. so since my best friend baru je dapat baby girl so i took this opportunity to try make one for her baby. Booties ni akan saya hadiahkan sekali dengan baju kurung yang saya jahit tu..

i also try to make a matching headband.. but i don't feel so good about it coz i did not get the rite embelishment for the headband.. the flower just don't match i guess.. tapi takpelah.. (nak sedapkan hati je ni..)

and here it is.. the whole set. i actually made a handmade card but forgot to snap a photo of it. really hope they fit the baby..


nuhaz said...

wah cantiknya booties..siap ade pakej lagi..sgt cute n truja..erm nuhaz asyik print out tutorial booties je tp xpenah cuba pun :D xtaula bila nk menjadi...erm leh jd sumber inspirasi gak ni

Mrs. Izwan said...

nak juga 1 set mcm ni..cantik ni untuk bb raya ni...

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