Saturday, August 29, 2009

MOBS & ComfyBebe 'Most Loving Sibling' Contest

Malaysian Online Baby Shop (MOBS) is having a contest. Just found out about it a while ago while blog surfing and the last date to enter is 31st August 2009.. i guess i still got the time.
Quite interesting jugak contest ni sebab nak cari the most loving sibling. but what i'm not sure is about the max age of siblings to enter. so i decided to put 2 photos which i found very loving..
this is a picture of my third son Muhammad Khaizuran (age 5) and his litle sister Yasmin Humaira (age 2) having a great time playing together.. yasmin just love hugging and kissing his brother for she is such a loving girl..

and here is a photo of my first son Muhammad Salihin (age 14)teasing his little sister which they always do all the time.. Yasmin being the only girl in the family always bring joy and laughter..

so i hope we got a chance to win something..
so friends.. come join the contest.. to enter;
1. Be a FOLLOWER of MOBS at
2. Be a FOLLOWER of ComfyBebe at

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