Sunday, July 26, 2009


remember when i said my eldest son wants me to do bracelet for him? well i thought he's not serious.. but when he kept asking me "mama dah buat bracelet?" almost everyday.. i better start thinking. maybe i'll start with a simple one.. using buttons. i see that nowadays people wear all types of bracelets.. no restriction on the design.. it can be anything.. even using tempurung kelapa pun boleh jadi bracelet.. so i try to use buttons coz this is what i have.. this is how it turns out..

normally during my days, only girls where bracelet.. but now my son sibuk nak pakai bracelet.. ni mesti sebab suka sangat dengan karakter Ali dalam cerita KAMI. tapi takpe as long as it doesnt look funny on him..
bila dah siap ni rupanya dia nak present kan kat kawan dia.. hope she likes it.

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