Saturday, July 18, 2009

Spinningspool Shop Merdeka Giveaway!!

Spinningspool shop buat giveaway. Check it out here. You won't believe how generous she is..
you'll get this

and this..

and this..

and this

i want i want i want!!!!
There'll be only 1 lucky winner. Me! Me! Me! hehehe
wish me luck!
Come visit her blog. Cantik2 product yang dijual.. rambang mata dibuatnya. saya memang suka kain cotton and kain cotton kat blog spinningspool memang cantik2.. takde jual kat sinilah rasanya.. oh ya lupa nak bagitau owner spinningspool ni LYNN, and she's in US so you can get beautiful fabrics directly from US. PRINTED FELT pun ada dijual.. bukan senang nak beli printed felt kat sini kan.. so apalagi jom kita ramai2 visit spiningspool shoppe..;-)

This Merdeka Giveaway entry is valid from July 17th - July 31st, 2009.

1 comment:

LynnAmalina said...

salam Haida,

Thanks for the entry. Wishing you all the best!! but you terlupa tinggal komen kat my other blog la..he he..:)

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