Thursday, July 23, 2009

shirred dress

hello! check out my new project. Yup! a shirred dress for my little princess.. thanks to madebyja for her help and for introducing me to kukyideas tutorial. thank you so much! now i know how to use elastic thread.. hehe the strap is a bit too long but it's ok i can adjust it later

rupanya senang je jahit shirred dress ni.. kejap je dah siap. apalagi panggil yasmin suruh try.. dia nak aje.. lepas tu jom amik gambar.. ;-)

mama: "ok dah. jom masuk.. panas ni. "
Yasmin: "gambar lagi.. gambar lagi"
oklah.. jom amik gambar lagi..jgn marah.. yasmin mmg suka amik gambar.. layannn

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