Thursday, February 4, 2010

drawstring backpack

this is my first attempt to make a drawstring backpack. after browsing through the internet to get the idea i came out with this one. just a small bag for a cute little girl.

i lined the bag with checked print cotton and add a pocket at the front.. you know how little girls love to put little precious things in their pockets rite..

i love how the bag turn out.. however.. i don't have a matching string to use so i just use the only black string that i have.. i can't wait to get it done.. :-)

and here's a butterfly to add cheer to the bag and to the little girl.. :-)

1 comment:

nuhaz said...

kak, nuhaz penah wat cmni tp akak nye lg sweet n cute...nuhaz wt simple je :) truja2 ngn sme hasil kje akak

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