Thursday, July 8, 2010

3 sets of pouches

Today i'm gonna show you my pumpkin pouches and wristlet ordered by Mrs Lim (sorry if i wrongly address you..:-))

She ordered three sets. Each set contains one pumpkin pouch and one wristlet of the same fabric print.

First set using fabric code 054.

she also wanted a bigger size wristlet in this set.

The second set, using fabric code 055

and the third set, using fabric code 074

you might notice that my pumpkin pouch looked so round and plump.. :-) becoz i stuffed it with clothes.. but the looked might be different depending what you put in it. for example, if you put books, then it will look like this..

the pouch is quite roomy, and i guess if i make the size bigger.. then it will look like.. hmm.. (sorry dont know how to explain it better in english.. hhehe) macam zaman dulu2 dimana, orang akan bungkus kain baju dalam kain, lepas tu ikat kat kayu, dan letak kat bahu.. faham tak.. hehe.

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