Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Lolly & Beary Tote Bag

Today i'm going to show you two tote bags with slightly different embellishment than I used to do. The bags are for Ieqa and Iera.. I guess they're sisters.. :-)

I called Ieqa's bag.. "Beary Tote Bag".. just becoz there's a bear sewn to the bag. I'm not sure if one is enough or 2 or 3 bears.. but after getting second opinion, I settled with just one bear.

and for Iera's bag, I named it "Big Lolly Tote Bag"... well no explaination needed.. :-) let the pictures tell the story.. :-)

here's the inside view.. one zippered pocket, and two open pockets. I put a file in there so that you could imagine the size of the bag. The bags are quite big becoz I miscalculate the measurement.. Hopefully not too big for Iera and Ieqa.

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